BIMDESK is an international CAD & BIM Services company

Empowering Design & Engineering

for Architecture, Engineering & Construction Projects (AEC)

driven by Social Impact & Innovation

Your problem

  • reduce 50% your costs in Design & Engineering

  • experienced people respecting US codes & regulations

  • reliable & flexible resources to manage peak seasons,

  • 1-stop-shop with Drafter, Designer, Engineer and Construction consultant

  • real-time Project management planning

Our solution

  • no upfront fee

  • CAD&BIM Experts from 1,600US$/month

  • Many resources available with experience on the US codes,

  • 1 hour behind Miami Time zone in Nicaragua

  • Pricing/hour or month or sqm as you wish

  • Positive social impact program in emerging country

  • Team leaders for each customer

  • including Customer Private extranet


BIM Services

Within the Architecture, Design, Engineering and Construction streams, our team takes some responsibilities such as:

  • Scan2BIM

  • BIM revision

  • BIM modeling (Architecture, Structure, MEP...)

  • BIM Interoperability (3D synthesis, Clash resolution...)

  • BIM Coordination/Manager (4D planification, 5D Costing, 6D Leed analysis...)

In 2019, our goal is to work also as BIM Director to support our customers to set up BIM Policies & Responsibilities 

  • Architecture (interior & exterior, landscaping)

  • Structural (steel, wood, concrete)

  • M.E.P.

    • Mechanical (HVAC, Compressed air...)

    • Electrical,

    • Plumbing

    • Special systems (CCTV, Fire protection, Access control, Voice and Data)

  • Civil infrastructures

Real time
  • 2D: plans, scan2CAD

  • 3D: renders, models, components, families, scan2BIM, clash detection & resolution

  • 4D: planning, project supervision

  • 5D: bill of quantities, budgets

  • 6D: building efficiency analysis (water, energy, carbon print...)

  • 7D: facilities management programs

Regarding BIM 
  • Collaboration: from BIM0 til BIM3 thanks to BIM360 suite from Autodesk

  • Detailsfrom LOD100 til LOD400

  • Responsibilities: our team is composed by BIM Technicians, Interoperability specialists and Coordinator. Our customers usually have in-house BIM Manager and Director. If needed, our CEO and VDC Manageer can assume BIM Management to structure a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) with strategy, main goals and responsibility maps and processes 

About Technology
  • DESIGN: Autocad, Solid works, Revit suite, Bim360 Design, Insight 360, 3D Max, Sketchup... 

  • COORDINATE: Naviswork, BIM360 Glu/Ops

  • SECURE: Autodesk BIM3560 suite (Docs, Design, Glu), NBS Process


    • ‚ÄčImport: DWG, DXF, DWF, SKP, 3DS, FBX, DGN, PDF...

    • Export: PDF, DWG, RVT, RFA, RTE, IFC-xml/zip, NWD, XLS, MPP...

  • COMMUNICATE & ManageTeamwork (Project+Chat), Zoom Conference

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