Why you should externalize?

  • Control your budget: 

    • Control costs through a clear contract (from 11US$/hour or 2100US$/month tax free depending of specialties)

    • Limit the personnel expenses (and their management) by transforming them into service delivery, improve your balance sheet,

    • Pay a service instead of recruiting, training and investing in non-core resources

  • Save workspace & Reduce your investment in computers and licensing

  • Fast Match: Call on professionals that understand your needs and constrains easily

  • Focus on your business,

  • Increase flexibility: in time and with a larger choice of specialists driven by a BIM manager controlled by your BIM director


  • Dedicated team only (no shared resources)

  • No cultural misunderstanding: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese speaking located in Central America

  • No Time zone issue: Nicaragua is 2 hours behind Miami

  • 25 BIM resources trained and experimented

  • Driven by european corporate processes

  • 100% real-time project management IT infrastructure

  • Partner of Autodesk Foundation as Positive Social impact company

How we collaborate?

  • Personal meetings, training and workshops with your dedicated team to allow familiarisation,

  • Detailing the processes and protocols for day-to-day communication, file sharing, query resolution and quality control.

  • Mapping out the internal process to identify CAD / BIM roles & responsibilities for effective and cost-efficient project delivery.

  • Mapping in the outsourcing stages with appropriate controls to maintain quality and efficiency between specialties

  • Ensuring overall governance thanks to advanced technologies and IT architecture such as Autodesk BIM360 complemented by Teamwork which is a powerful project management platform 

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